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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Counter-Strike 1.6 Half-Life Model Viewer

Half-Life Model Viewer v1.25

HL model viewer only viewer... No only viewer, in option "export"/"import" you can edited the texture of the model.
Eg export to Firework, PhotoShop, etc; and import now modificated skin to HL Model Viewer. Later i publish here a .

Edited: Ok, here the image (with a little tutorial):

1- Choose a model.
2- You open it with the HL Model Viewer, eg: the Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces)

3- You go to the tab that says "Texture" and that shows all the parts forming the separate model, in this case you got three spetsnaz_body.bmp: the body of the model spetsnaz_head.bmp: the head of the model backpack2.bmp: Defusing the pack when you .

4 - In the same window is a square where it says "Export", export it to "My Documents"
5 - We open with Adobe Photoshop and edit everything you want to edit, you add a logo, you change the color of the helmet, you add an effect, in short everything you can customize to do attractively model.

6 - What you return to save in My Documents, with the same name and bmp format.
7 - you import it back into the HL Model Viewer using the button "Import"

8 - you save it under another name to keep the original model: newmodelCT or the name you want. This is an example of the models I made, with here method, for my community of gamers: UpC Clan (sorry for the "spam" but I have another image of the finished model)... I add the clan crest (the Dragon), words (with effect spent) "UpC" and the word "HardClan" (in the defuse):

Half-Life Model Viewer v1.36

The program is a complete hack as I'm no C++ expert and it was the first C++ program I ever attempted, but here's the list of current enhancements to the default 1.25 viewer:
GUI re-organised. Default background colour is now blue/grey instead of black. "Save Options" allows you to save your preferences so they are loaded next time you start HLMV.
Dump Model Info option creates a text file giving a detailed breakdown of your models internal structure.
Acts as a front-end to STUDIOMDL and MDLDEC allowing you to decompile and compile models from within HLMV.
Can open GCF, PAK, WAD and BSP files.
Poly counter shows how many polygons are being drawn. Supports the Alpha and Additive texture flags.
Displays transparent and additive textures in the model preview. Texture flags can be set and previewed and saved to the model.
Option to view the UV Map for any given texture. Sequence panel now shows additional sequence parameters.
Events for a given sequence can be viewed. Previewing of new weapon origins for v_model's (tweaked this version).
Addition of crosshair and guides for helping with re-origining weapons. Small bugs from HLMV 1.25 fixed.

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