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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Counter-Strike 1.6 x22 xRadar v4.0

Download x22 xRadar v4.0

Counter-Strike games, is present 2D Radar and ESP Functions:
- Player Radar (3D / 2D)
- Bounding Boxes (2D)
- CrossHair (All Weapons)
- Visibility Checks (Bounding Boxes / Colors)
- Name ESP
- Distance ESP
- Weapon ESP
- Player Icons (5) 1. To start x22_xRadar_v4.0 _ [cracked-DBS].exe 2.
To press OK 3. To start CS 1.6  You now look through a file x22 xRadar v4.0.
The given file is in a category of Chita for CS 1.6.
To see other files from this category, pass under this reference:
Chita for CS 1.6. To download x22 xRadar v4.0 press the button to DOWNLOAD more low.
We hope to you the file x22 xRadar v4.0 was pleasant and was useful. On all questions address.

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